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infertility specialist in bhubaneswar | Dr. Rabi Narayan Satapathy

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after a long time of unprotected intercourse. Consult Dr Rabi Satpathy best Fertility Consultant in Bhubaneswar.Both male and female can be responsible for infertility. Talking about infertility in women, female infertility treatment is extremely required for them who are trying to get pregnant but are still unsuccessful despite for more than a year of unprotected intercourse. Therefore it is vital for couples to seek proper medical assistance. At ashu skin Care you can have the best Infertility Treatment.

Dr Rabi is highly experienced infertility specialist Gynecologist Doctor and provides personalized care. His success because of his dedication, dynamism, enthusiasim, enterprising and hard-work. We offer affordable service with world class facility here.