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Symptoms & Signs of Intimacy Disorders

An intimacy disorder is a condition that makes it difficult to establish close or intimate relationships with other people. These relationships may be strictly emotional in nature, but they may also include various types of sexual contact. In some cases, the symptoms of a fear of intimacy may qualify as a diagnosable condition called social anxiety disorder. However, you can also experience intimacy problems without meeting the criteria for diagnosing this condition.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

We do vaginal rejuvenation & tightening by laser and PRP. Also We treat All types of Sexual Dysfunction, Intimacy issues, Male impotence, Erectile disorders, ejaculatory dysfunction, Vaginal Dryness, pain during Sex, Vulval pain are treated here with assured results by PRP growth Factor, Laser, Hifu, Radio Frequency , medications and other newest modalities.