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Male Infertility Specialist Doctor in Bhubaneswar

2 to 3% of men are completely infertile and produce no sperm. Almost 15% of reproductive age individuals are affected by infertility with about 40% of them being men
Conception problems are becoming more common in today’s world. However, modern and complementary medicineshave many solutions in increasing the sperm count and improving male fertility. MomJunction tells you about the various treatments for male infertility. When Do Men Take Fertility Drugs? Men take fertility drugs to increase their sperm count and motility. The male hormones should be adequate to produce healthy sperms. The anterior pituitary is responsible for controlling the male hormones and hence, the sperm production. Around 2% of men with infertility experience secondary hypogonadism (pituitary gland disease). It happens when the pituitary gland does not function well, preventing sperm and testosterone production. Men having this condition will either have no sperm or low sperm count. This condition is treatable.

However, there are very few drug options that work efficiently in stimulating the sperm production. These drugs have also been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for male infertility treatment. So, let’s take a look at how these drugs improve fertility in men.